Saturday, 30 July 2011

Intersession examination result has been ANNOUNCED! LOL? -,-"

Today, 30th of July 2011, my intersession examination result, Advance Business Law has been announced. OMG! Seriously? The result will be sent straight to your email and guess what, my result was not really impressive. Haaaa. Tu lah aeda, banyak sangat main!
Me : Huh? -,-"

But never mind, at least I've reached my target and it does not far away from my expectation. Thank god :)
You need to double your effort for next semester Aeda. Ouh yea,congratulation to my dearest class mates who had score with flying colours ya! Next sem mai belanja nah! :P

Ok, forget about result. Like everyone said when they get their result. "Tak pe. Next sem boleh cuba score lagi" The same goals every semesters and years. Am I right? LOL? Haha. My current subjects that should be taken next semester as follows

Seven subjects huh?

Seriously seven subjects? You must be kidding right? GOSH! Actually these are excluding cocuriculum and subject that has been taken during intersession, Advance Business Law (LAW503). So it is mean, is has to be nine subjects for next semester. Alahai, kenapa tak cukup kan sepuluh subjects je kan? Then ask your Dean la Aeda -,-"

With the new aim, new goals, good luck Aeda. Make your parents proud. Okay, I will. InsyaAllah :)

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P/s : I LOVE YOU BOYFIE. Okay, tak de kena mengena. Haha. Kbaii :)