Saturday, 30 July 2011

The person I miss the most!

Hey guys. Since I'm new here, first of all I would like to introduce my self. Well, I am Aeda. Simple and short huh? :)

I'm twenty one years old and studying at Universiti Teknologi Mara persuade my study in Bachelor of Administrative Science and Policy Studies (Hons). Currently I'm having my semester break at home for four months and I'm just wasting my time doing nothing without working. Such a waste of time huh?! I know, TQ.  Uhuk. Anyway since I'm at home spending time with family, I miss them at lot and who are they? Well, someone who are very precious and important in here ♥.

Seriously when we're far far away, we could feel that we need each other. Am I right? I miss my best friends, my classmates yang very the GILA, and also him. Well you know who I guess :P

They are

Aha, she's one of my best friend, Nana. I miss you babe. A lot of things we shared together and you're such a good listener and adviser. I love you *hugs :)

And this beautiful lady is my room mate, Alya. I miss you baby. Dah lama tak tidur sebantal kan? Haha. Kidding. She's in her hometown Baling, Kedah. Well, I can't wait for this new sem to see you baby :*

Aha, they're all my best friends since pre law in Kuantan. I missed our old times together. Hangout, bowling, went for movies and the most important thing, KARAOKE! :P
I really thank to god to have you girls because I learn about the true friendship with all of you. You all are so one in the million. Even though we're all far away, persuading our study, but all of you still remain in my mind, always.
From the top Ieda, Tatty, Wan Hajaratul, Fatin and Iylia. I love youuuu *xoxo

Alamak malu pulak, this is the person I miss the most! :P

Ehem, no need to explain further I guess :D
I miss you boyfie. Take a good care there and behave yourself. Balik dari China I nak ole ole okay? :)
Good luck for your tournament and I wish you all the best. I'm so proud of you baby. Lots of love, muah! : *

Last but not least, they are all my crazy class mates :)

The girls!
Madam Nurul Aini & Cik Azilah, our beloved lectures :)
The boys!
You guys Rock!
P/s : Sorry for the poor quality pictures, a bit shaking :)