Sunday, 31 July 2011

Preparing for Ramadhan. Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

When we know we are to attend a wedding, we begin to plan and prepare from days and even weeks in advance. We pay much attention to detail so that we arrive to the function on time, are dressed up smartly with clean/ new shoes, have organised a place to stay, eat carefully so as not to ruin our clothing and so on. In a similar way we prepare and plan for other important events, functions, interviews etc.

However, when it comes to approaching our Islamic duties/ obligations we do so little in advance, especially for Ramadhan. For some reason we feel we can flick a switch and become great pious personalities overnight. In fact, while this may work short term, in the long term you will more likely ‘burn out’ and return to your former self or in a worse condition. Is it not true afterall that in the middle of the month Ramadan the Masjid halls during taraweeh are at half capacity to what they were in the first few days??

Therefore it is much better we prepare and plan for our deeni activity, much like we do for the dunia ones and InsyaAllah in this manner we can make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan and remain consistent upon the practise we adopt.

Anyway, with Ramadan due to start soon I thought it would be good to make a list of things in preparation for Ramadan.

  • Increase in recitation of the Quraan. If possible, complete a minimum of 1 part to daily so as to make 1 whole complete recital of the Quran during Ramadan.
  • As much as one can keep Allah in your heart by doing Zikir eg: La ilaaha illallahAllahu-akbarSubhan-AllahAlhumdulillah etc.
  • Try and utilise the month to give up smoking for those who are smoking.
  • For the more foul mouthed amongst us, try to refrain from swearing the whole month. Friends can help here by lightly hitting or gently reminding his/ her friend each time they swear that they shouldn’t do it. 
As we know, people used to say "Ouh I can have a good shape of body during Ramadhan". This is because they assume that by not eating and drinking, it is same as having a healthy diet. Yes, some research have stated fasting is good for our health because it allows the digestive system to rest and heal itself. It is also helps to eliminates excessive toxins which are harmful to our body. However, the problem with our people, I mean Malaysian people, they intend to eat a lot when it comes to time of iftar. This is very unhealthy practise among Malaysian. So, here are some suggestions for you and your family to get prepared during Ramadhan.
  • Buy all necessities for the month of Ramadhan before so you can spend less time during holy month rushing around.
  • Stop eating when you're full.
  • Before you take any food, start your meals with taking Kurma as our Prophet's sunnah.
  • If you have gotten into bad sleeping habits throughout the year, start readjusting now so you can wake up for Fajr prayer.
  • Reduce TV watching and prepare the family for the new spirit of Ramadan. Engage with your family more and more in creative activities that remind them of Ramadan.
Since we're in Ramadhan, the holy month, let us improve ourselves ya. Not only during this month, let it be lasting forever. I've putted my self in the situation whereby I need to improve my self to be a better, better and better person. With the god's willing, InsyaAllah.

Person I admire the most, Heliza Helmi. Pretty isn't she? InsyaAllah, one fine day will come :)
Comel nya! Nak baby macam ni jugak! Tehee :D
*May peace be upon you. Happy Ramadhan ya Karim :)