Friday, 26 August 2011

The sweetest moment ;)

Hey peeps! Just a simple post updated here.
Aha, after seventeen days haven't seen each other, at last jumpa jugak kan. Welcome back home boyfie! :)
Well, as Aidilfitri is coming soon, so we went to some places to go for shopping. Tehee. These shoot were taken by my friend because we were extremely bored. Gila lama lah nak tunggu you habis shopping boyfie! Kalah perempuan -,-"

Look at these flowers. Nice and beautiful isn't it? Yes, they are. Thank you for these flowers ya.

Thanks for all gifts including this FLOWERS :)
These ten red roses have its own meaning actually. Only me and him understand the symbolic of these roses ;)
The sweetest and meaningful thing I've ever had.
Ten red roses. Thank you  baby.

Oh my love is like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June,
Oh my love is like the melody,
That's sweetly play's in tune.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Deepest heart~

I discovered that in a story I could safely dream any dream, hope any hope, go anywhere I pleased any time I pleased, fight any foe, win or lose, live or die. My stories created a safe experimental learning place. 

We are happy, so

Please, please, please. Don't you feel tired by doing all these?
Please, please, please. Stop talking about us because we never talk bad about all of you.
Please, please, please. Do respect other's relation just like we do.
Please, please, please. Pray for our happiness just like we pray for your happiness and
Please, please, please. Forget the past and open the new chapter.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

P/s : Hold on with this principle and InsyaAllah you'll be pleased. 

For you my love ♥

Monday, 15 August 2011

Nur Sofea Qaisara ♥

Hey readers. Nothing much happened these few days. As usual routine, I'm a baby sitter, a chef at home and also a MAID! Woot, woot! Haha.

Anyway, yesterday me and my family went to my ganny's home having iftar together. Well, it is such a great moment being with whole big family and the cousins. Awesome! :)
Luckily Sofea was not crying all the way to granny's house. She's such a cute and nice baby. Therefore this post is much concentrated to her. Aunty loves you honey 

Sofea tengok apa? Muka aunty pucat laaa.
My name is Sofea and I love my aunty! :D

Sofea with ibu :)

Those above pictures are taken when we arrived.

I love when aunty hugs me :P
You've grown so fast honey :)
Two months

For sure I will miss her when I go back to Shah Alam this September. Dear Sofea, be a good daughter to mummy and daddy ya. Hugs :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Human nature!

Memang lumrah manusia kan. Suka menjatuh kan sesama sendiri. Tidak kira lah sama ada seseorang itu cemburu atau tidak puas hati. Here's the fact.

  • Tidak boleh tengok orang lebih daripada diri sendiri, mula lah mengumpat atau memburuk kan perihal seseorang yang bertujuan untuk menjatuh kan.

  • Tidak boleh menerima kekalahan diri, mula lah berusaha mencari alasan untuk menunjuk kan diri sendiri berkuasa.

Actually there's a lot but these two covers all of the grievances. From my observation, people always make mistakes by blaming others without any investigation on what is really going on. Come on lah, it shouldn't be that way. 

Ok now look, what you think and what you will say is symbolized your personal and who you really are. Nowadays people always use some sort of networking site such as facebook, myspace, etc to express their feeling, grievance, and including gossips! Hey, don't you know that you're really degrading your own self and  show how low level you are? Pfft!

Another points, you spreading the gossips or even bad news to your best friends because you hate that person. Ok now the most interesting part is your best friends started to hate that person because you hate that person even though that person is not guilty at all. Konon konon kawan sejati lah kan. Huh? But the fact is actually you are the one who should be hated because talking bad about other people. Just look how childish you are!

Simple words that should be said, How pity you are :)
Bawak bawak la insaf bulan puasa ni ya kawan kawan. Even how much you hate that person, just keep it by your own or you can find someone to share with. Tapi tak perlu lah sampai mengumpat. That's not cool at all. That person will be very happy because he/she will get the reward and you? Dapat dosa. Padan muka kau.

*Story from half behalf  is unfair!
*Do learn from your mistake why all this happens and don't just keep blaming other people.
*And lastly let bygones be bygones. Accept all these with open heart because there must be  something good behind.

P/s : Tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup mahupun yang sudah tiada. Sekadar renungan bersama. Yes, to me myself, I will take note all these. InsyaAllah.
May peace be upon you :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Through distance and time, I'll be waiting. Thanks love ♥

Waiting is a torture. Yes, that should be the best words to describe how I feel and how bad I am missing him. Today, 09 of August is actually a memorable date for me. But what else can be done, he is not here to celebrate this meaningful date together. 

I wish you were here :(

Last few hours before he went off to China, I met him and we were having iftar together. We were chatting and he had once told me, "B, nanti dekat sana no facebook and no ym tau". Then I was like, huh? I was complaining and I asked him, "Then macam mana nak contact you?". He answer with a smile, "It's okay. I'll call you". 

I know he need to focus on his game, so I did not expect him to call me all the time. He must be very busy since this is a quite big tournament. It's okay, I will be a very understanding girlfriend baby :)

Well, it's already 09 of August and I was crying because I really miss him. The day I met him few days ago, he asked me to exchange his phone with mine because my phone was out of battery and this was happen after that.

The phone's alarm was ringing right at 12 a.m and I looked through the phone. I talk to myself, "Reminder apa pulak ni?"
I opened the reminder and I was shocked. My tears fall down because I read the reminder he wrote down wishing to me. Don't you know that you're so sweet sayang? Yes, you really are :')

The wish that you've putted as the reminder was really like representing you. And now I can't stop smiling when I think about you. Thank you love :)

From my deepest heart

I miss you in the morning.
  I miss you in the afternoon.
  I miss you at night.
  I miss you all the time. 
  My love is like the ocean. I love you baby : *

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Chocolate cake. Yummy!

Hey people. Since I am sooooooo bored, so I decided to bake a cake! Weh! Seriously Aeda? Haha :P
Actually baking cake is fun, why don't you try yourself. It is easy and simple . All you'll need is a little time, love, and a few items from the grocery store. A cake is one of the most fascinating pastries in the world, because it comes in various shapes, flavors, and tastes.

I am not an expert in baking cakes but because of my passion, I've learnt how to bake cake from my aunty. It just need a simple steps and the result is really AWESOME! You should try :)


Simple isn't it? :)

Well, it just takes bout 45 minutes to prepare the cake and trust me, you will get a satisfactory result!

Tadaaa! Chocolate cake :)

Actually the sample cake was baked for my roommate's birthday. 15th of April 2011. Well, I baked two cakes for her and also for my boyfriend. Their birthday falls on the same date. It is such a satisfaction to bake a cake for your loved one rather than buy it. Yes, of course its taste was different and not as tasty as the one you buy at Secret Recipe ya but your loved one will really appreciate with your effort. Selamat mencuba :)

Yeah! Coming soon! :D


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dedicated to the loved one

Love is the greatest give that we can ever hope to give or receive. Love is the one thing that can overcome so many the difficult times that we're faced with in life. Love is so powerful which can turns frowns into smiles. It can help mend the most broken heart. It can even turn all of the ugliness in the world into the most beautiful portrait we could ever have to pleasure to behold.

Having you is a great thing, because we have face so many obstacles before we can be together. People won't understand you, but I do. People can talk something wasn't true, but I do trust you. Let them talk, spread news about us, they're just being jealous. All I can say, you light up my day and you made my heart beating fast. Yes, I do. I love you and your family too. I really really do.

*This song is dedicated to you baby. Even though we're far away, but our hearts will always be together. Take care of yourself love :)

My Baby ♥  
As I look into your eyes,
I see all the reasons why,
My life's worth a thousand skies.

You're the simplest love I've known,
And the purest one I'll own,
Know you'll never be alone.

My baby you,

Are the reason I could fly,
And 'cause of you,
I don't have to wonder why,
Baby you,
There's no more just getting by,
You're the reason I feel so alive.

Though these words I say are true,
They still fail to capture you,
As mere words can only do,
How do I explain that smile,
And how it turns my world around,
Keeping my feet on the ground.

I will soothe you if you fall,
I'll be right there if you call,
You're my greatest love of all.


*09 August 2010. Such a memorable date :)