Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Human nature!

Memang lumrah manusia kan. Suka menjatuh kan sesama sendiri. Tidak kira lah sama ada seseorang itu cemburu atau tidak puas hati. Here's the fact.

  • Tidak boleh tengok orang lebih daripada diri sendiri, mula lah mengumpat atau memburuk kan perihal seseorang yang bertujuan untuk menjatuh kan.

  • Tidak boleh menerima kekalahan diri, mula lah berusaha mencari alasan untuk menunjuk kan diri sendiri berkuasa.

Actually there's a lot but these two covers all of the grievances. From my observation, people always make mistakes by blaming others without any investigation on what is really going on. Come on lah, it shouldn't be that way. 

Ok now look, what you think and what you will say is symbolized your personal and who you really are. Nowadays people always use some sort of networking site such as facebook, myspace, etc to express their feeling, grievance, and including gossips! Hey, don't you know that you're really degrading your own self and  show how low level you are? Pfft!

Another points, you spreading the gossips or even bad news to your best friends because you hate that person. Ok now the most interesting part is your best friends started to hate that person because you hate that person even though that person is not guilty at all. Konon konon kawan sejati lah kan. Huh? But the fact is actually you are the one who should be hated because talking bad about other people. Just look how childish you are!

Simple words that should be said, How pity you are :)
Bawak bawak la insaf bulan puasa ni ya kawan kawan. Even how much you hate that person, just keep it by your own or you can find someone to share with. Tapi tak perlu lah sampai mengumpat. That's not cool at all. That person will be very happy because he/she will get the reward and you? Dapat dosa. Padan muka kau.

*Story from half behalf  is unfair!
*Do learn from your mistake why all this happens and don't just keep blaming other people.
*And lastly let bygones be bygones. Accept all these with open heart because there must be  something good behind.

P/s : Tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup mahupun yang sudah tiada. Sekadar renungan bersama. Yes, to me myself, I will take note all these. InsyaAllah.
May peace be upon you :)