Monday, 15 August 2011

Nur Sofea Qaisara ♥

Hey readers. Nothing much happened these few days. As usual routine, I'm a baby sitter, a chef at home and also a MAID! Woot, woot! Haha.

Anyway, yesterday me and my family went to my ganny's home having iftar together. Well, it is such a great moment being with whole big family and the cousins. Awesome! :)
Luckily Sofea was not crying all the way to granny's house. She's such a cute and nice baby. Therefore this post is much concentrated to her. Aunty loves you honey 

Sofea tengok apa? Muka aunty pucat laaa.
My name is Sofea and I love my aunty! :D

Sofea with ibu :)

Those above pictures are taken when we arrived.

I love when aunty hugs me :P
You've grown so fast honey :)
Two months

For sure I will miss her when I go back to Shah Alam this September. Dear Sofea, be a good daughter to mummy and daddy ya. Hugs :)