Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Through distance and time, I'll be waiting. Thanks love ♥

Waiting is a torture. Yes, that should be the best words to describe how I feel and how bad I am missing him. Today, 09 of August is actually a memorable date for me. But what else can be done, he is not here to celebrate this meaningful date together. 

I wish you were here :(

Last few hours before he went off to China, I met him and we were having iftar together. We were chatting and he had once told me, "B, nanti dekat sana no facebook and no ym tau". Then I was like, huh? I was complaining and I asked him, "Then macam mana nak contact you?". He answer with a smile, "It's okay. I'll call you". 

I know he need to focus on his game, so I did not expect him to call me all the time. He must be very busy since this is a quite big tournament. It's okay, I will be a very understanding girlfriend baby :)

Well, it's already 09 of August and I was crying because I really miss him. The day I met him few days ago, he asked me to exchange his phone with mine because my phone was out of battery and this was happen after that.

The phone's alarm was ringing right at 12 a.m and I looked through the phone. I talk to myself, "Reminder apa pulak ni?"
I opened the reminder and I was shocked. My tears fall down because I read the reminder he wrote down wishing to me. Don't you know that you're so sweet sayang? Yes, you really are :')

The wish that you've putted as the reminder was really like representing you. And now I can't stop smiling when I think about you. Thank you love :)

From my deepest heart

I miss you in the morning.
  I miss you in the afternoon.
  I miss you at night.
  I miss you all the time. 
  My love is like the ocean. I love you baby : *