Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hello Shah Alam!

Hey, hey! It's time to get busy with the books! Say hello to Shah Alam and no more holidays ya. I'll be back on 9th September because the classes will be started on 12th September. Anyway, good luck Aeda and make sure to score the best result and get flying colours on the next examination okay. 
Me : InsyaAllah :)

  • I will miss my family
  • I will miss my cute little princess, Sofea
  • I will miss my bedroom
  • I will miss my mum's cooking

Oh please be nice to me dear books and notes.

I'm scared of this! LOL.
OMG, OMG! Please don't! 
Hello baby, you're so cute.
But I won't do this in my toilet, bring books! Haha
Err, err. Maybe NO??? -,-"
P/s : Study smart, not study hard Aeda! Remember, education is the best provision for old age.