Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Majlis Cukur Jambul Nur Sofea Qaisara

Yawww! What's up guys! :)
Since the classes has been started, so I'm quite busy and unable to make update through this blog. But never mind, I'll make it simple and just need a short of time to update this post.

Last weekend I went back to my hometown to attend majlis cukur jambul Sofea and only now I am able to make this update. Alahai, kesian Sofea dah botak. Huks. But it's okay, you still look cute and adorable baby girl honey. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony ran as expected and everything was under control. Even though it was a tiring day but it was so much fun. And thanks to you boyfie. Nothing much I could say other than thousand of thanks. Thank you  * hugs

Here are some shoots that have been taken. Ouh yea, there's a couple of picture which are too bright. Over flash lol! :P
Sofea with her white gown. Adorable isn't she? :)
Aunties and sister :)
Sister in law
Habis lah rambut Sofea. Haih
Brother and sister :)
Yeay, uncle hugs me. Haha
Mak uchu :)
Budak kuat tidur. Isyh!
Sofea with uncle.
My mum told me, Sofea missed me a lot and she always cried at night. Then my mum took some of my shirt for her to sleep with. If you could talk at this age, mesti Sofea cakap rindu kan? Hehe.

P/s : Aunty miss you too honey. A LOT!