Friday, 14 October 2011

Home sweet home

Hey peeps. It's been a long time I didn't make any updates. Well, I'm quite busy with classes, case studies, presentations and all that, aha student kan. Err, I miss home but unfortunately I need to finish up my work before I can go back home. Rindu Sofea actually :P

So here I am on this weekend. Home sweet home. I got a lot of things to do here, preparing for my sister's wedding ceremony which falls on this November. Oh my, such a tired activity. But it's okay. Anything for you sis 
My beloved sister on her engagement day. Pretty isn't she?
Yes of course :)
People don't know how much you're meant to me kakak. I will cry so badly when you belong to someone else. I'll pray for your happiness and may Allah bless you always. I'm counting days for that date, 11.11.11 *hugs

P/s : Sofea dah pandai ketawa. Alahai comel nya busyuk ni. Haha  *muah