Saturday, 28 January 2012

BB1M :)

Hasil baucar buku. Kau ada? Yeayyy!
Okay, I bought these novels for RM100 using BB1M. Niceyyyy! Now my semester break will be more fun! Lalala~

*Thank you boyfie bagi pinjam awak punya baucar dulu. I don't take mine yet :P

Friday, 27 January 2012

Situasi 1,2,3 dan 4

Hey readers. Ok hari ni saya nak update blog in Malay. Hee. Yes,I use English to write blog or updating status in FB. Tapi tak bermaksud saya melupakan bahasa ibunda sendiri. Just tak salah kan kalau menggunakan English in our daily life. Secara tidak langsung, ia dapat membantu untuk memperbaiki pertuturan kita dalam berbahasa Inggeris. *mak aih, skema nya ayat hang Aeda! 
Me : Ada aku kesah? Wee :D

Ok now back to our topic, but the problem with some of us, tak reti cakap tapi berlagak reti. Ya, tak salah mencuba tapi don't make your self look silly and stupid by talking something which others can't even understand you!

Ok cuba lihat situasi ni.

Situasi 1 : Tak pakai air liner pun. I don't like air liner. *huh? Nak minum air ke dia nie?

Situasi 2 : Thank you which wish too me, my birthday today. I really touching. Love you all.
                   *apakah?? -,-"

Situasi 3 : My name Tipah (bukan nama sebenar). I'm 21 years owl.
                    Nice meeting yu *old ke owl ni?

Situasi 4 : I love yu boypren. Don't yu ever tipu me. Don't challenge me, if not I kiss your ass.
                  *fine, ni dah lain maksud. KICK la cik sayang oi.

I'm not being stereotype or discriminate them, tapi masalah nya awak betul-betul memalukan diri sendiri. Yes I know, you're beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, smart, tapi tak perlu lah nak tunjuk sampai macam tu sekali. Cakap Bahasa Melayu pun boleh. Lebih indah kan! :)

I use English because that's how I can improve myself and now days English sangat penting, am I right? Tapi jangan lah sampai melupakan bahasa ibunda sendiri. Kacang lupakan kulit nama nya tu :)

Manusia tak perfect dan sebab itu, kita perlu sentiasa belajar dan belajar untuk bekalan masa hadapan. And to me myself, sorry to say kadang-kadang grammar lintang pukang jugak. Haha. But it's ok. Nama pun belajar kan. And you, tak salah nak menggunakan English, tapi belajar lah dari kesilapan. Orang boleh nampak awak tu betul-betul ingin bertutur ataupun sekadar untuk menunjuk sajeeeeee.

P/s : No hearts feeling ok :)  

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Heyyyyyyy heyyyyyyy! It's been two months I ignore from writing on this blog. Firstly it is because I was so busy with study, focused on the final examination. And secondly because my laptop is SICK! Now I know how it feels when you got problem with your laptop. Everything's ruined! :(

Nevermind, forget about that. Currently I'm at home having my semester break until early of this March. Ouh yea, talk about final examination, Alhamdulillah it goes well even though all the papers were quite tough and the result will be announced at the end of February. Hopefully I'll reach my target, InsyaAllah :)

LIFE? So far everything is okay and under control. Well, life was such a bored when you just sitting at home without working. Such a waste of time huh? But since little Sofea is at home, it such a relieve. By the way, she's 7 months and she starting to talk but no one can understand her. Sometimes looks like she's nagging to us. Haha. Such a cute baby!

Actually I got a lot of things to write and share pictures, but since I don't have laptop right now, I will just make a simple update. Write to you soon! :)

P/s : Thank you boyfie. I love youuuuu! ;)