Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Heyyyyyyy heyyyyyyy! It's been two months I ignore from writing on this blog. Firstly it is because I was so busy with study, focused on the final examination. And secondly because my laptop is SICK! Now I know how it feels when you got problem with your laptop. Everything's ruined! :(

Nevermind, forget about that. Currently I'm at home having my semester break until early of this March. Ouh yea, talk about final examination, Alhamdulillah it goes well even though all the papers were quite tough and the result will be announced at the end of February. Hopefully I'll reach my target, InsyaAllah :)

LIFE? So far everything is okay and under control. Well, life was such a bored when you just sitting at home without working. Such a waste of time huh? But since little Sofea is at home, it such a relieve. By the way, she's 7 months and she starting to talk but no one can understand her. Sometimes looks like she's nagging to us. Haha. Such a cute baby!

Actually I got a lot of things to write and share pictures, but since I don't have laptop right now, I will just make a simple update. Write to you soon! :)

P/s : Thank you boyfie. I love youuuuu! ;)