Saturday, 4 February 2012

Beautiful woman

Beautiful woman who is EDUCATED and INTELLIGENT.

Sesungguh nya aku sangat mencemburui wanita sebegini :)

Some people is born to be beautiful and some might be not. Some people is born to be intelligent and been gifted with a clever mind but some might be not. 

Well to me, beautiful is subjective. Everyone is born beautifully in different ways. However some of us still thinking that she isn't pretty enough. Listen babe, beautiful heart is important than everything. Be a beautiful woman who has a kind heart because believe me, you will be an extraordinary pretty woman :)

Intelligence? Well, everyone needs to put an effort to achieve something. Yes, some people don't need to struggle much in their studies because they've been gifted with good intelligence. But it doesn't mean someone who is not gifted with that can not be a successful person. All we need is EFFORT.

I really admire those women who have these two things and I really hope I can be one of them. A beautiful woman who has a beautiful heart, and an intelligent woman who is well educated. InsyaAllah :)

Note: Everything I do is for my self, my family and of course for HIM, maha pencipta :) 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February vs Pisces

Heyyyyyyy heyyyyyyy. It's February everyone. But what's so special about February??? *tanda soal 6 juta kali!

Well, maybe I can list down all the possibilities. Lalalalala~ :P

1st : Valentine's day? *but I'm not celebrate this day. How aaaaaa?

2nd : Result final exam UiTM nak keluar? *agak-agak lah kalau nak excited pun. Maybe Noooo! :D

3rd : Second anniversary? *lambat lagi lah Aeda. Nyanyok ke?

4th : Dapat duit turun dari langit banyak-banyak? *okay this is the stupidest,silliest,cryziest things ever! This won't happen. Huh?

5th : Birthday? *OMG! Really Aeda? You're going to turn 22 this year. *buat-buat muka comel. Hahaha.

PISCES baby :)

P/s : Kenapa mesti ikan? Fish is in the water, can't sleep, all wet. Kenapa bukan kucing ke, sugar glider ke, teddy bear ke, anything cute? Whyyy laaa, why??