Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February vs Pisces

Heyyyyyyy heyyyyyyy. It's February everyone. But what's so special about February??? *tanda soal 6 juta kali!

Well, maybe I can list down all the possibilities. Lalalalala~ :P

1st : Valentine's day? *but I'm not celebrate this day. How aaaaaa?

2nd : Result final exam UiTM nak keluar? *agak-agak lah kalau nak excited pun. Maybe Noooo! :D

3rd : Second anniversary? *lambat lagi lah Aeda. Nyanyok ke?

4th : Dapat duit turun dari langit banyak-banyak? *okay this is the stupidest,silliest,cryziest things ever! This won't happen. Huh?

5th : Birthday? *OMG! Really Aeda? You're going to turn 22 this year. *buat-buat muka comel. Hahaha.

PISCES baby :)

P/s : Kenapa mesti ikan? Fish is in the water, can't sleep, all wet. Kenapa bukan kucing ke, sugar glider ke, teddy bear ke, anything cute? Whyyy laaa, why??